It’s All About the Water

Since moving to Colorado I have had some serious doubts about my green thumb. I have killed a lot of plants and had several garden fails. I do include the ...

The Market Season is Upon Us

Some things are worth repeating. One of them is the schedule of farmer’s markets. Why, you might ask? Because now is the time. Drake Road Farmer’s Market was the first ...

Gettin’ Your Buzz On

Sorry for the post title. I couldn’t help myself. Yesterday was the day for bees in Fort Collins. I know of several folks who went to Copoco’s Honey to pick up ...

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Where are you buying your seeds??

imagesX5JLLMJGI bet it’s about that time where the mailbox starts filling up with seed catalogs. And with that, dreams of your summer garden. What new varieties will you try? do you like heirlooms? Hybrids? Standard seeds or non-gmo? Whatever your preference there are some great options. Here are a few of my favorites.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

This is truly the mother of all seed catalogs. It’s a favorite wintertime wish list catalog. Gorgeous pictures, huge variety, and all seeds are non-GMO and many are rare. Jere Gettle started the company when he was aroung seventeen years old and has made it his mission to find and preserve heirloom seeds and maintain bio-diversity. 150 farm partners farm the seeds available in the catalog and they conduct regular testing to ensure they have not become GMO contaminated. You can receive a free catalog by request online, order online or this year they launched The Whole Seed Catalog for purchase, available in many locations from bookstores to garden centers. Both are amazing. If you are a seed saver, these seeds are a great bet. You can also save the trees by viewing their stock online.

Seed Savers Exchange

This company has also long been a favorite. I admire their commitment to seed savers across the world and their ability to locate family heirloom seeds and bring them back into commercial production. Again, if you are a seed saver, these are great. Your one time investment has the potential of providing you with a garden for a lifetime. They have become more readily available, even found in Walmart, and have ranched into other arenas like packaged food. I hope this doesn’t dilute the attention on what they do best. Preserving seeds species. They offer a free catalog and online purchasing. If you need some great winter reading, try Gathering: Memoir of a Seed Saver by Dianne Ott Whealey, founder of the organization.

imagesBRR9UZLOHigh Mowing Organic Seeds 

These guys carry 100% organic, non-gmo seeds. Based out of Vermont they grow, and work with other farmers to grow, the seeds available in their catalog. You’ll find vegetables, herbs, flowers and cover crops. They have a mailer catalog or you can download it from their website. You can also find their seeds at Bath Nursery in Fort Collins.

The Cooks Garden

They have a decent heirloom and organic seed variety. They also have a good herb selection. Always a good option and offer a free catalog or online purchasing.

Botanical Interests

These seeds are available at many of the garden centers in town. They offer a decent selection and have heirloom and organic varieties. They also guarantee that their seeds are non-GMO. You can order a free catalog or to save trees download a pdf version of the catalog. You can also order online, or as I said, visit one of the local garden centers that carries their seeds.

imagesJIHT8V9TPawnee Butte Seed Company (Local)

If your looking to restore your pastures or plant native grasses, forbs, shrubs or cover crops, Pawnee Butee offers a good selection. All the items available are proven for the Colorado climate.

Western Native Seed (Local) 

Western Native specializes in seeds of species native to the Rocky Mountains and Western Slope. They offer a variety of wildflowers, grasses, trees and shrubs, wetland varieties and seed mixes for your particular geographic locale.

This list is definitely not exhaustive. It is however a great place to start. Happy dreaming!!!

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The farmer femme

I recently came across a new resource covering the Upper Arkansas River Valley in Central Colorado. This group, and their website, provide support and resources to existing female farmers. As they put it, women are the fastest growing sector of sustainable and organic farmers. So to celebrate one another is to support one another.

The site showcases half a dozen female farmers in the Buena Vista/Salida area. There is also a resource list of various types of agriculture ongoing the area. Pretty cool to see farmers supporting farmers.

Another way they are supporting women in agriculture is through a new festival called the Sweet Roots Festival, to be held in Buena Vista. This festival will host music, a farm dinner, farm tours and presentations, while raising money to provide microcredit loans to female farmers around the world with the organization 1% for Women.

Right now, and for just five more days, they have an indiegogo campaign to raise money for the musicians, like Wendy Woo, Angie Stevens, Megan Burt, Paper Bird and more.

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